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We are looking for skilled Welders to cut and join metals and other materials at our production campuses. You will operate state of the art equipment to put together mechanical structures that are the foundation of our product line. Welders must be competent in the use of metal fabrication equipment following all safety precautions. The ideal candidate will also have a steady hand and great attention to detail, reads blueprints and understands welding symbols. We offer welder training and journeyman programs.


We are looking for careful Forklift Operators to move material around our facilities. You will be operating a forklift with the utmost care to ensure efficiency and safety. The goal will be to ensure that material and products will always be at the right place at the right time to achieve maximum efficiency. We offer Forklift Training and Certification.


We are looking for skilled Mechanics to maintain, troubleshoot and repair production tools, machinery and fleet vehicles. You will be responsible for ensuring functionality and reliability of machines, engines, mechanical and electrical systems. An excellent mechanic must have manual dexterity, be organized and have attention to detail. They must be able to work with various machines and tools as well as follow all safety precautions while protecting the safety of those around them. The goal is to plan for and maintain the campus machinery so that production operations can occur without unscheduled interruption.


We are looking for people looking to join our coating department to perform an assortment of activities to prepare cab weldments and other fabricated parts for powder coating. This includes grinding, blasting and general preparation of weldments for powder coating and final surface finishing. You must possess manual dexterity & have respect for safety precautions. And, have an attention for detail that leads to class A coated finishes. On-the-job training available.


We are looking for skilled Machinists to operate a variety of CNC machining centers. You will produce precision parts using automated equipment and an attention to accurate measurements. A great machinist needs to possess manual dexterity and an eye for detail. They must also have knowledge of mathematics and mechanics as well as respect for safety precautions. The goal is to ensure effective production of precision machined parts while respecting and caring for the machinery and tooling used in daily operations.


We are looking for skilled Press Brake Operators to set up, maintain and press brake equipment.  You’ll help support the fabrication needs of the company’s product line. A great press brake operator is reliable and able to work with attention to detail and safety standards. Being a team player is essential since all tasks will require close collaboration with co-workers. The goal is to ensure that production procedures are carried out smoothly to supply formed parts on schedule meeting product assembly needs. On-the-job training is a good way to discover how to do the job better, so you should have a willingness to learn and improve. And, we will support you in area. 


We are looking for skilled Assemblers to assemble piece-parts into larger components. You will ensure all parts fit correctly and are suitable for the final cab product. You will use your hands and machines to do the job. You must have good technical knowledge, possess manual dexterity and have respect for safety precautions. You must have the ability to read instructions represented in drawings, schematics, work procedures and quality inspection routines. The goal is to produce quality cab products by putting together all of the individual components, like windows, electrical harnessing, HVAC systems and more, that are required to meet customer specifications. There is room to grow in this area with Journeyman programs offered.

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